V.Blok, B.Kalyuzhny, S.Mitrofanov
The experience of analytical approach to religious mysticism

Our interest in parapsychology appeared initially as an attempt to understand the underlying substance of certain religious routines and traditions. The first phase of our investigation consisted of developing our own sensitivity, necessary for conducting parapsychological experiments. Diet, regulative principles and special exercises allowed us to achieve the minimal required level after approximately one year.

The major portion of our experiments was devoted to transmission of information between people and preparation of "biologic field's amplifiers" (BFA), which we use for healing end meditation.

Our experiments convinced us, that the simplest kind of information to successful transmit is the sensation of motion. The transmitter concentrates on one of the following types of motion - falling, swinging from side to side, flight upward, forward movement. The next level of difficulty is the transmission of one of the preset list of colors (e.g. red, green and violet). Reception quality rises sharply if the transmitter trans­mits not only the color, but also a set of associated sensations which had been previously agreed upon (red - warm, slightly disturbing; green - cool, moist, sticking like a wet green leaf; violet - solid, monumental, fundamental). It was noticed that the dif­ficulty of reception grows sharply with number of alternatives. This, possibly, has to do with the necessity to use special kind of memory.

As far as BFA are concerned, the results of our series of experiments reduce to the following. The effect of BFA strongly depends on the shape, color and material, of which it is made. It was discovered that maximum effect is delivered by rectangular boxes, whose inner and outer surfaces approximate as much as possible a black mirror (e.g. made out of black glossy photo paper). Ratios of dimensions - length (l), width (w), height (h) are (l/w)=(w/h)=1.62 (i.e. the golden section). A sharp increase in effect results from making a small tower in the middle of the box (see fig.), built out of a cylinder and a hemisphere. Absolute size of the box also appeared significant. For example application of the box to the area of Ajna-chakra during meditation gave the strongest effect when l=21/3 inch (about 6.4 cm). Height of the cylinder m=(d/2), where the diameter d=(w/2). Small variation of relative and absolute dimensions did not result in noticeable change in effect.

BFA picture

The effect was measured by subjective response of participants (depth of meditative state; and time it takes to achieve them) and also by the sensations in the vicinity of the chakra, which BFA was applied.

We also experimented with BPA's effect of crystals and a radically different type of a "box" having the shape an ellipsoid.

The effect of BFA was measured by computing the parapsychological abilities by the formula (Bernully's scheme was used):

Bernully's scheme

where    A - normalizing factor,
n - number of attempts of guessing in one experiment,
k - number of correct guesses,
p - mathematical probability of a single guess (e.g. for guessing one color of three the probability p=1/3). For n=10 reasonable choice of A is A=0.12.